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Website Design and Hosting:

You can see that we do many things at Chinnici Consulting. Our core work is business consulting, with a specialty focus in marketing; and capital funds sourcing for business needs (commercial lending). However, if you've come here from an external website link, you can see that we also assist clients with both website design and hosting.

Publishing a website is an additional tool in your marketing arsenal. All such tools are part of a whole -- an entire, integrated, marketing "face" as it were. They are ideally managed as part of the whole, with each of the elements contributing to the others. And in all cases, the best integration begins with the marketing foundational question: "Who is your target market?"

From there, the website production/publication decision can take a range of forms, in terms of the project scope, from the simple to the complex. And, considering costs, other factors come into play:

  • Generally templated (WordPress, with plug-in theme), or customized?
  • Degree of design needed, either artistic, or the design of the structure.
  • Structural, technical setup: Hosting initiation setup, or integration with existing?
  • Whether we'll be teaching you to manage it, or managing it for you? And,
  • Is the client fairly self-directed: responsive to plans-of-action, or will we be developing this in steps.

Our own preference is the simple, WordPress format. The reason for this is, a great deal of functionality and beautiful design can be produced fairly quickly. This works well for you, and for us as also: frankly, we don't have a great deal of time to take away from core consulting work. So, if we can produce something for you quickly, that creates an integrated marketing plan-of-action, enhancing your overall position in your market, this is our joy to help you.



So, the big, next question is always, "How much will this cost me?" And it's a fair question. But as you can see, one that's not answered easily. In the end, it's an hourly computation, with consideration of much of the above. But let me put the following to give you a rough idea what you can expect.

General website complexity:

  • Simple blog (2-3 views): Archives and single post views only, and a pretty typical layout. $700-$800.
  • Simple brochure site (2-4 views): Fairly standard but custom home page design, page layout. Stock archive / blog setup with little to no customizations. $700-$900.
  • Complicated blog (4-6 views): A bunch of “out of the box” styles for various templates, requires attention to detail on archives, single posts, and other stuff like post formats. $900-$1,100.
  • Marketing site (3-7 views): Basically a mashup between the simple brochure and complicated blog. Requires more designs to be made and the home page might be a little more advanced than the simple brochure. $800-$1,200.
  • Business website (5-12 views): Similar to a marketing site, but often includes a couple of custom content types that require design and code, like events, testimonials, services, etc. $1,000-$1,700.
  • eCommerce website (10-25 views): Could be a mix of any of the websites above, plus all the needs in eCommerce (like cart/account/checkout views, and tons of configuration considerations). $1,500-$3,000
  • Big business website (12-30+ views): Big business websites are like regular business websites, but more of it. They often have lots of custom content types, advanced searching needs, tons of content, and perhaps some fancy user permissions needs. $1,700-$3,500+.
  • And of course potentially much, more.

What do you get for of this? Additionally, besides the various page setups, you get consulting time, domain and hosting setup, WordPress load up and configuration, a mobile-responsive final product, and a couple of hours of teaching time, for education and self-maintenance.

Questions? Give us a contact!

All our hosting and domains are done thorugh http://WhitewaterHosting.com -- and we are generally more competitive than GoDaddy, with faster response times and extensively more functionality.